Yes absolutely safe and secure and included insurance.

Yes, all items from start to end, trackable with the latest high-tech system and you can track it on your device easily.

No, No way because our system uses latest high technology (Strong Security and Privacy system) and completely clear and legal, also supported by local and international laws.

Handover is a collaborative hand-to-hand service that connects people who need to send something from one place to another people. ( people for people)

Travelers, taking the train or traveling by other means, they can use their mobile or devices to send and deliver, make some money and maybe save more money for the sender ( our services cost is at least %50 less than existing services). Smart, safe and Modern.

You need registration in Handover.me, and then you can find a suitable item (Your intended destination or item’s price…) and contact with item’s sender, after the agreement, you can deal with her/him. Done!

Do I have to pay if my shipment request isn’t accepted by the carrier?

Of course not.

When am I charged for a shipment?

Item’s owner offering the initial service fee and bargaining on that to agree (by carriers) on a service fee to start the delivery. Finally, you deposit the total cost (the last agreed amount) in handover’s account after agreement with the carrier. (See payment method)

Can I pay with any currency?

No. The currency you pay in is controlled by your payment method and, in some cases, by your country. It’s not possible to manually choose what currency you’ll use to pay.

Exchange rates and currency conversion

Third-party fees

If you pay in a currency that’s different from the designated currency of your payment method, your provider or third-party payment processor may apply a currency conversion rate or fees to your payment. Contact your provider (for example, your credit or bank card issuer) for information on what fees may apply, since they’re not controlled by Handover.

Cross-border fees

If you see extra fees on your bank statement or the amount charged differs from what you have seen on the checkout page, contact your provider. If your bank considers Handover’s processing entity international, you may be charged cross-border fees by your bank even if the charge was processed in the native currency of your payment method. If the fees were added by your card-issuing bank, Handover can’t refund them.

Currency view

You can view Handover listings or experiences in many currencies, but this won’t affect what currency you’ll be asked to pay in. You can find your currency conversation here.

What are Handover’s Service Fees?

We charge shipment total cost %10, for example, €1 commission for €10 and then transfer the amount to carrier account (see more info)

It’s a piece of cake! Please click the ( Register %100 Free) or tab  (user icon
in mobile view) in the upper right corner and after sign up, click on the (+ Add your item) or tab  ( in mobile view)

How do I view and contact a carrier or shipper before shipment?

Please find your suitable (search option) item and then click on it. After going the item page you can see all review and item’s owner. Of course, you can submit a review or your offers and also the right side down on the page if you want to send a private message to item owner.

How do changes and cancellations shipment?

If a Customer( shipper or carrier) wants to change their shipment, they( both of them) need to approve the change. (see more)

Do I get a full refund if I cancel my shipment?

If you cancel a shipment, your refund amount is determined by your carrier’s cancellation policy.

In rare cases, you may be eligible for a full refund if you had to cancel because of an extenuating circumstance.

I received an additional credit after my carrier cancelled. How does it work?

If a carrier cancels your shipment, you can choose to find at another carrier or get a full refund. If you choose to another carrier and the new carrier you find costs more, we may help by covering a portion of the difference.

Here’s how the credit we offer for new submit works:
If you find another carrier with the same cost it’s ok, if not, maybe the cost is lower than first shipment cost we refound rest of amount to your account or maybe the cost higher than the first cost we can cover %10 of extra cost for you or we can provide you %10 discount for your next shipment item.
Handover won’t provide a credit if your new submit request isn’t accepted by the carrier, or you choose to get a refund instead.

What is the Handover cancellation policy?

(handover.me) Payments is not an escrow service as the customer retains the right to control their payment(s). Releasing payment or providing the payment code to the TSP(Transport Service Provider or carrier) is the equivalent of making a non-reversible cash payment. TSPs can only ask for the payment code after the load is delivered when being paid through (handover.me) Payments (exception: some shipments may require payment at pick-up for legal reasons). Cancellations can only be initiated if the funds have not been released to the TSP through (handover.me) Payments. Customers will receive a full refund of funds paid via (handover.me) once a cancellation is completed. (more info)

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